In the competitive landscape of recruitment, staying ahead is paramount for attracting top talent. As the Lead of the UX Design Innovation Team at PeopleFluent, an enterprise HR software company, I spearheaded a transformative initiative to create an engagement platform powered by collaborative video technology, embedded analytics, and contextualized social learning

PeopleFluent aimed to optimize the hiring process by reducing time-to-hire, improving candidate quality, and enhancing the overall candidate experience. The traditional methods were proving inefficient, offering limited insights into candidates’ suitability for dynamic roles.

Candidate Screening and Shortlisting:
- Developed customized pre-screening questions for a holistic view of candidates beyond their resumes.
- Implemented a user-friendly interface, allowing candidates to complete video interviews at their convenience, eliminating scheduling conflicts.

Comprehensive Evaluation:
- Enabled hiring managers and team members to review video interviews at their own pace, fostering a more thorough assessment process.
- Facilitated collaboration with features for team feedback and ratings, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation.

Data-Driven Refinement:
-Provided data on candidate drop-off rates, assessment scores, and team feedback to refine hiring strategies.

Efficiency Gains: Reduced average time-to-hire by 30%, allowing companies to secure top talent swiftly and efficiently.
Enhanced Candidate Quality: Achieved a 25% increase in candidates passing the initial screening, resulting in higher-quality candidates entering the interview stage.
Improved Candidate Experience: Candidates reported a 40% increase in satisfaction, appreciating the flexibility and transparency offered.
Informed Hiring Decisions: Fostered improved communication and collaboration among the hiring team, resulting in more informed and confident hiring decisions.
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