Creative professional with over twenty years of experience in user-focused design and strategy. Enthusiastic about designing intuitive, meaningful, and enjoyable products for humans. 
I am constantly thinking from the user’s perspective – advocating, debating, designing – to ensure the best experience. I have spent the last 20 years helping create intuitive interfaces for a variety of different products and driving innovation through human-centered design.
Zilla Security
Founding Designer / Lead of User Experience
Strategized and designed a human-centric identity management security application from the ground up. I have led all aspects of design in this start-up. 
Senior User Experience Designer
Led the research and redesign of the live streaming platform with the ability to create and post clips from live events to social, culminating in an award for Best in Show at NAB.
Slalom Consulting
Senior User Experience Consultant
Collaborate with large clients to design for enterprise products and mobile apps—addressing product, brand, marketing, content, and overall user experience. Conducted foundational user research via interviews and discovery workshops.
Design Team Lead for Innovation & Vision
Translated complex problems into enterprise software solutions for human resources. Designed solutions that leveraged video and social collaboration to improve HR processes such as talent development and recruiting.
One-to-One Interactive
Senior User Experience Consultant
Discovery and design of projects for an interactive marketing and technology firm based in Boston. Clients included Aspen/Snowmass, Pantone, Xrite, Kronos, and Platts.
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