During my time at One to One Interactive as a User Experience Consultant, I led the reconstruction of Kronos’ help portal, aiming to overcome challenges with their outdated in-house Oracle database solution.

Kronos had outgrown its existing system, requiring a comprehensive understanding of component systems, maintenance, diverse user needs, security, heavy user loads, and transaction capabilities. Striking a balance between home users and call center staff was crucial.

Thorough Analysis:
Examined component systems and dependencies for a comprehensive understanding.
Addressed maintenance requirements to ensure long-term sustainability.

User-Centric Design:
Catered to the needs of home users and call center staff, prioritizing usability.

Scalability and Performance:
Implemented measures for handling heavy user loads and ensuring transaction capabilities.

The revamped Kronos help portal successfully addressed scalability, user satisfaction, and system complexity, providing an intuitive experience for home users and enhanced functionality for call center support staff.
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