As User Experience Consultant / Senior Information Architect, I led a large-scale website redesign catering to employees, experienced skiers, and tourists. The goal was to create a flexible, scalable platform adaptable to the organization’s growth

Diverse User Groups: Addressing the unique needs of employees, skiers, and tourists presented a design challenge.
Organizational Growth: Designing for scalability to accommodate evolving organizational needs.

User-Centric Design:
Conducted user interviews and testing to inform a design that meets the specific needs of each audience.
Created user personas to guide design decisions and content prioritization.

Flexibility and Scalability:
Developed a flexible architecture for seamless adaptation to organizational growth.
Conducted iterative testing for real-time user feedback throughout design and development.

Lessons Learned
Involving diverse user groups is key to a comprehensive and inclusive user experience.
Iterative testing ensures design decisions align with user expectations.

The agile website redesign successfully meets the varied needs of employees, skiers, and tourists, exemplifying the power of a user-centric approach in creating adaptable platforms for evolving organizational landscapes
Explore client deliverables and work product in the links below
Persona: sample of persona used for personalization.
Prototype: for user testing for prospective and previous customers.
Functional Spec: used for communication with development for various sprint cycles.
Snow Report Prototype: facilitate discussions with the clients and development.
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